"Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of God" - Jim Morrison.

4th of January

The reason my religion, Discordianism, is better than any of the others is we can handle the fact our Goddess, Eris, doesn't exist. If the other major religions did the same and admitted their Gods aren't 'real' the world would be a happier place and religion might be fun again.

Most people mistake Discordianism for an elaborate joke whereas in reality it's far more complex and funny than that. Furthermore, people often get confused and think because Discordianism isn't serious about anything it is therefore not sincere. This is mainly because most people who try to understand Eris are too thick to know where to start.

At London Euston a bloke gave me a flyer which looked like it was about global warming. I took it and smiled as I wandered towards the tube. It turns out that the flyer was actually a cunningly disguised piece of Christian evangelism. Inside the leaflet there were some astonishing 'facts' for me to soak up. Apparently God has already covered the world in water during the great flood, leaving only 8 people alive afterward. Also, it's a 'fact' that this whole world will be destroyed by the fiery wrath of God. The good news is that I can escape hell by accepting Jesus and being baptised immediately.

On one level this is quite a neat way of trying to bring people round to your cause but on another it sums up the main problem with many of the principle religions in the world at the moment, Islam, Christianity, etc. They're all so busy trying to pretend that their faiths are rooted the physical world and they've lost the most important part of the puzzle: there is no God, outside of the human mind.

There are two different conceptions of how the world (and wider universe) works*. One version of events is the materialist's perspective where matter comes first and mind arrives second. Here the universe existed in its physical form for many thousands of years prior to consciousness developing in the form of intelligent life. This is the perspective I'm most allied to and one which is widely supported by the evidence. You existed in a physical form long before you had the ability to think. There is no intelligent life present during the 'big bang'.

The second perspective is the spiritual one where mind comes first and matter develops afterward. This point of view is expressed rather neatly in the bible where, you may remember, "In the beginning was the word," or more accurately, the concept. God uses words and thoughts to sing the universe into existence. We descend from the spiritual realm into physical form. The world is made or created like one would build a table or chair. Notice that with those two examples the concept or thought comes first. Chairs and tables are made to a design and are for a purpose. Just as a spiritual person thinks we are.

One of the constant worries of many spiritual teachers is that the physical world in which we are trapped is deceiving people into forgetting their place in eternal spirit. Mankind is being seduced by the pleasures of the flesh, money, power and control over others. I remember watching a Vicar once banging on about how sad it was that nowadays people worshipped money instead of God. Jesus is supposed to be your way out of the physical plane back into the heavenly spiritual dimension once your body dies. Without him you'll rot in the ground your soul lost forever.

I believe the insistence, which has found a voice recently, that says the Bible should be taken literally is actually hampering this escape from the physical world. A religion should be loved because it's not true not the other way round. Only by recognising that Gods and Goddesses are not real but that we still worship them, do we have a chance of asccending from the material plane and entering the one beyond. Only by hailing the merry nonsense inherent in all major religions will anyone benefit from them. Insisting they're true in a material sense locks people into a worse trap than the one they were in before.

I chucked the leaflet in the bin and Hailed Eris as I did so...

I wonder how many blog readers got as far as this final sentence? It's one of those entries that has been burning for ages but probably means nothing to anyone other than a fellow Erisian. Feel free to tick the 'boring' box.

*More about this: here.


I read the first 4 paragraphs and gave up.

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