Proving my geek credentials with a bit of Dr Who crit.

I was getting bored of David Tennant's Doctor. He was just a bit too nice. Now there's a new one I'm quite excited about the series again. This, in case you're unaware, is a 'controversial' viewpoint. There's hot debate on The YouTubes about 'the new guy' which, as you'd imagine, is mainly fronted by kids who are angry that Tennant has left and they've known no one else play the role. I couldn't help but get involved and point out that 'firstly, the Doctor has used a gun previously in Attack Of The Cybermen (first story of season twenty two)'. I then went on to try and enlighten people further with my -ahem- 'wise words' on his regeneration.

The main thing that holds me off criticising the BBC (and the unique way in which it is funded) is the fact they make Doctor Who. The main thing that holds me off ever criticising Doctor Who is that I always have a slight fear they'll cancel it again. I've been a fan of it ever since I've understood words and stories. I bitterly regret slagging it off in the past. Even though the criticisms were fair, back in the days of poor old Sylvester McCoy running around the BBC car park as he was chased by a Dalek made of cardboard and balsa wood.

The final thing that makes me very cautious about Doctor Who right now is the strange relationship between it and Star Trek, which most geeks are painfully aware of. When one of them does well, the other starts to fall. Tennant was a Dr Who fan, he will know of this natural law. They're like night and day, you can't have them both at the same time. It is with concern that I noted how good the last Star Trek film was. We've just been through quite a significant Doctor Who 'golden age'. I hope that film didn't herald the beginning of the end.


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