Sherlock Holmes gets the Guy Ritchie treatment, whatever that is.

6th January

I watched the new Sherlock Holmes film today. The fact it has had the 'Guy Ritchie treatment' immediately put me off and made me think it was rubbish so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was ok. It's as if the twist in the tale is established by the reputation of the director coupled with the subsequent watchability of the film. However, I fear that by telling you this I'm ruining the film. I've told you nothing of the plot but I've already overhyped it. This is not like the anus of a dog producing a beautiful diamond, it is only like it producing a photograph that doesn't smell too much. We're talking here about a distinctly average film.

There's some real obvious suggestions in the film that there might be a sequel, I presume that will be when normality asserts itself and Ritchie lives up to his hard earned, post 'Lock Stock' reputation.


I enjoyed the film. Although, I pretty much like watching Robert Downey Jnr in any film, I find him hugely entertaining. I also thought the man who played Lord Blackwood - Mark Strong, was good.

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