Spitting image.

I've never understood the appeal of spitting in the street.

I watched someone today, walking along with his little 8 year old kid holding his hand, huck up a fat chunk and spit it on the floor with a sort of sneer. Very odd. I think perhaps it's something to do with football and these 'hard men' are copying their favourite sports heroes. In the same way that the mannerisms of pop stars are copied by little girls.

Last year I saw some bloke walking along with the sort of swagger you can only manage if you're really stupid. He took one agressive look into my eyes, turned his face to one side, drew some mucus into his throat and promptly spat on his trousers by accident. Lovely stuff. His two mates couldn't stop laughing at him.

It's certainly the coolest bit of spitting I've ever seen.


KLeHuray said…
Yuch, I hate it when I see people spitting, coincidentally it's almost always people from the same social background - 'neds' and 'chavs'.

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