UFOs are real and the Governments are covering it up

It was some time ago now that I 'converted' to a full blown 'true believer' in extra terrestrial contact. My road to damascus experience came via my now infamous interview with, Edgar Mitchell, who told me the UFO phenomena is real and Governments are covering it up. According to him he'd been briefed by people in the know about this kind of stuff. Beyond that there is the strange case of, Gary McKinnon, a guy who the US government think is so dangerous they want him behind bars. Having met and spoken to the mild mannered and softly spoken chap personally, I'm hard pressed to know what they're so concerned about. He claims to have seen proof of Mitchell's claims online but unfortunately he doesn't have a copy of that proof for you and I to look at.

No matter which way you slice it I'd have thought his extradition claim would have been laughed out of court by now but it keeps being persued with a vehemance I wouldn't expect from a Government who claims there's nothing in these cover up suggestions. Once you get into the detail of the case, and I have sat through some of his hearings at the house of Lords, the less sense it makes that the US are so keen to have him over there.

That said, the nub of most belief in ET contact is faith. There's more testimony than proof. More speculation than evidence. Until I can point to the spaceship and you can see it with your own eyes there's no way I can make this belief of mine seem rational to the casual reader. These days I've stopped being an evangelical preacher and I just accept it as a strange and enjoyable quirk in the way I see the world. So it was with interest that I watched the recent BBC 3 documentary featuring Danny Dyer called "I believe in UFO's" in that his conclusion was equally trite. Neither of us are important enough for our opinions to matter and I suspect he knows that as much as I do.

On the other hand the debate about ETs is not just confined to the likes of me and Danny "f'ing" Dyer*. The Royal Society has just concluded a two day conference on the same subject: The Royal Society, Is There anybody out there. The extent of their speculation is fascinating, including the rather prosaic suggestion from, Professor Simon Conway Morris, that alien life will look very like us: LINK TO STORY. Within the next 48 hours you'll be able to watch one of the lectures online at the Royal Society's website. It's called, "The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the universe?". I suspect it'll be a little more engrossing than the BBC3 show I've just watched if only because it will surely include a lot less swearing.

*He kept swearing throughout the documentary. It was totally unnecessary. I may have imagined it but I'm sure one or two of his interviewees were shocked at his effin and jeffin. I sort of felt sorry for the guy, he appears to have a complete lack of self awareness.


You seemed to have taken a turn down a road that I have no intention of travelling on.

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