Well that was a strange dream...

I woke from a very strange dream this morning. In it I'd been asked by a major TV channel if I wanted to do a spot on one of their stand up shows. I can't remember which channel it was, something like BBC1 or Channel 4 and it was a prime time spot. They were going to pay me £1000 to do ten minutes. I was really excited and started telling my friends and family. My girlfriend got all giddy at the news. I told everyone I knew about it, what time it was on and so forth. The whole dream was so celebratory it was intoxicating. Me and some mates drove down to the TV studios and went in to the hospitality lounge where we were served drinks and food. Then the time came and it was only as I was about to walk on stage that I remembered I'm not a stand up comedian.

Panic set in and I span round and asked my girlfriend who was waiting in the wings what I should do. She looked as surprised as I was and said "oh no, I'm not sure, just do your old stuff perhaps?". My internal monologue set into panic, "I can't remember any of it ... I haven't practiced anything ... oh god ... what am I going to do?".

Quite an interesting twist on the old 'gone to an exam and not done any revision' routine. I think it's down to the fact I'm reading the new Peter Kay book. It's as good as the last one.


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