You can't marry Claudia Schiffer and not expect a bit of grief...

Am I the only one who thinks Claudia Schiffer's husband Matthew Vaughn should just admit defeat as regards his hairline? He's done that thing which Phil Collins did where you try to cover it with a long strand of hair going down the middle, the result being that he looks like a classic graffiti style penis.

My girlfriend gave me a withering look when I made the above observation. I think she's getting bored of my childishness. I can only apologise to you in advance.

Furthermore don't call me baldist, some of my best friends are bald so that means I can't be*.

If you care about the news story here's a link to Hello Magazine: CLICK HERE.

*This is a trick I've learned after listening to racists and homophobes. I'm not sure it works but it's worth a go.


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