'You've just got a generic face' - The Mighty Boosh

13th Jan.

There was a routine in one of the old Boosh radio shows where Vince has a pop at Howard Moon for having a 'generic face'. Today I encountered the reality of that as I went for a little walk to Tescos. It's snowing here at the moment* and I'd wrapped up nice and warm in my big coat, scarf (which I got for Xmas) and gloves. As I trudged back from the shops with my pint of milk and a copy of The Guardian a woman stopped me and said:

'Is it busy today?'

'Err, not really no. I guess it's bad weather.'

'It's not like last Sunday then?'

'Err, not really,' I replied, having lost the thread of the conversation already. This happens to me a lot in real life so I let it pass.

'They'll be all watching Home and Away again,' she added as she smiled and said 'see ya'.

I offered a confused 'bye' and went on my way. She'd been dressed in a coat but underneath she was wearing a Tesco uniform and appeared to be on her way to work. She didn't look unusual but that was an odd conversation. The only explanation was she'd mistaken me for someone else.

This is the second time in recent memory that has happened. I was in a pub not so long ago when a woman stopped me and said 'here he is'. She then dived into a conversation about a party we'd been at last year. I had no idea who she was and the more I chatted to her the more it became clear she'd mixed me up with someone else. The bloke she'd recognised was an electrician by trade and a drinker by nature. I'm not a big drinker and I can't re-wire a fusebox. No matter how many times I pointed this out she just became more adamant and then a little hurt. In the end I sort of laughed it off and said, 'oh well, see you again then'.

My conclusion: I've got a generic face.

*For the international readers. I picked up a small following of Americans during the UFO business last year. It's nice to have you along.


I've had two seperate 19 year olds both say I look like Ray Mears.

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