Angry pancakes

Shrove Tuesday.

My girlfriend asked for pancakes when she came back so I picked up some pancake mix on the way back from the gym. It's easier than dicking about with flour. "Right, this should be easy," I thought to myself as I popped the radio on and got to work.

About an hour later and I was shouting and swearing at the "non stick" pan which quite clearly didn't understand the prefix 'non'. There was a plate with my aborted attempts at pancakes sat on it: two or three blobs of gooey crap. In came my girlfriend all excited about pancakes. "I've brought some bits of chocolate," she announced as she came into the kitchen.

I peeled off the one pancake I'd managed to make and put it on a plate. I was in no mood to eat it. I tried to make another one without success.

My girlfriend ate the pancake.

"You can taste the anger in it, angry and pancakes are two words that don't mix".

She had a go at making one, with success, even flipping it!

I ate a bit of the pancake - it didn't taste very nice. Something was clearly wrong with the batter.

I ordered a Chinese instead. Turns out it was also Chinese New Year so they gave us a little new year present.



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