A Brit depressing.

Wednesday 17th

I have no idea why I watch things like The Brit awards. I try to blame it on my girlfriend but I was still watching them long after she'd gone to bed. What struck me is how outdated both Liam Gallagher and Peter Kay looked. It was a bit depressing to see the two of them parading their old hat acts like the establishment figures that they are.

Liam threw his award into the crowd and dropped his microphone. As he left the stage Kay called him a "knobhead". Fair comment and the only genuinely interesting moment of the night.

Peter Kay was really funny once. Fortunately for him this moment was caught on video and is called 'Peter Kay - Live at the Top of the Tower'. It's a stunning live performance and a masterclass in comic delivery. He's just never quite managed to hit those heights ever again.

As for Liam Gallagher, he's a good singer but personality was never his strong point. It was always his brother Noel who provided the entertaining quotes and interviews. I'll never forget watching Noel on some late night music TV show. It was called, something like, 'The White Room'. There was a load of pretentious musicians sitting round talking to, someone like, Jo Whiley about how tough it is to be an artist and getting hassled by papparazi etc.

Just to put this in context, the show was being broadcast in 1994, during the post 'grunge' era. Being depressed ment you were clever and 'deep'. I was sat there absorbing all the difficult arty vibes of whoever it was going on about how hard it is to play guitar and bare your soul. Then up pops this northern bloke who told them to stop moaning "it's great having people ask for your autograph". He had the attitude of someone who was loving his moment in the sun. I couldn't believe how rude he was being to the other guests. I was hooked!

When I heard that he was the bloke behind this new band Oasis who'd released the song "Supersonic" my whole attitude to life changed. It sounds silly but the fact they were from the north made me feel proud of our shared roots.

For the most part Liam didn't do interviews.

Watching him tonight made me feel embarrased.

Then John Lennon came on flogging cars*.


*Link to Marketing Week about the car ad featuring John Lennon: CLICK HERE.


Those adverts using John Lennon & Marilyn Monroe to advertise cars disgust me. The people behind those adverts should be ashamed of themselves
I thought Peter Kay was hilarious at The Brits, and it is not important that his best performance may already be in the past.
That programme was called "The White Room". Rocket From The Crypt were once on there, and I recorded them performing "On A Rope" off the telly. It was great. I really dig that tune.

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