Discordian Prophets

Alan Watts - I recently got an email off someone thanking me in the most enthusiastic terms for introducing him to The Voice Of Clarity. I suggest you search out some of the podcasts which are available to subscribe to via iTunes. They make for good relaxing rambles.

Terrence McKenna - Bill Hicks references him in one of his stand up sets. He featured on a track by The Shaman. He's also one of the most interesting orators to have ever lived. He's a psychedelic evangelist and, while I offer more than a note of caution in that direction, even without stimulants he's got a lot of interesting ideas to offer you. There's some great fan vids on YouTube and his talks are available via The Psychedelic Salon.

Robert Anton Wilson - Pope Bob. Robert Anton Wilson is the unassuming granddaddy of them all. Search out the film "Maybe Logic" and give it your time. He's also a great writer, Cosmic Trigger, is one of the best esoteric books I've read. His genius sneaks up on you like a thief in the night.

Richard Dawkins - Forget The God Delusion, it's not his best work. The real hidden gem is one called The Blind Watchmaker. It takes you, by the nose, through the finer points of evolution by natural selection. It's easy to understand and more than worth the effort.

Captain Beefheart - finest vocal chords ever to tackle psychedelica.

John Martyn - now that's how you play a guitar.

Eris - Hail.


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