In defence of dogs

7th February.

This is a great website: DOIDS. It stands for "Dogs only in driver's seat". Brilliant news.

Talking of which, here's another good website: Dogs In Cars.

I've been a fan of dogs ever since I was given one at the age of about 14. The irony at the time was that I had a real fear of them. I'd freeze on the spot if I saw one and hated having to spend time near them. There was no reason for this, it was a totally irrational inexplicable phobia. I think I caught it off my grandad who also wasn't keen on them.

My road to Damascus conversion came when our little Labrador puppy arrived in the house after Dad went and selected him from a nearby farm. He looked so sorry for himself that I instantly fell in love. He was easily as frightened of us as I'd ever been of a dog.

What I liked about my dog is that he was charmingly thick. We used to frequently go to a hill in a nearby park where I'd stand on the top with a stick in my hand. He'd then run round and round the hill in anticipation of me throwing the stick. He'd run himself to the brink of absolute exhaustion and all you had to do was stand on the hill with the stick raised. It was one of his favourite games.

Intelligence isn't likely to win you friends. It's commonly associated with deviousness and hierarchy. The phrase "no one likes a smart arse" is powerfully true. When I read that, according to new research from the university of Bristol, dog owners are not as clever as cat owners it made me smile. Us dog lovers and our pets might not be as smart as our feline owning counterparts but I'll bet we've got more friends and have more fun. The stereotypical cat lady archetype springs to mind: a woman who lives alone with loads of cats.

We used to own cats as well, I was born into a household with three of them. They weren't as much fun. Cats can sit on your lap for hours and then without warning scratch you and run off. Very odd creatures. I often wonder if I had encounters with the cats as a baby which informed my opinions on them in later life. Nowhere near as much fun as my little doggy playmate and his running round a hill trick.



Anonymous said…
I have learnt never to make excited overtures towards male dogs, as this tends to make them get their lipstick out- which revolts me.
James Vanderbeek said…
I love It never knew about the other site dogs in cars. Good post!

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