It's been a tough few days for Tess

"I've never quite understood newspapers and their obsession with age," said Nick Margerrison, 32, writing in his blog today.

When I was 15 or 16 it gave me the impression that all famous people were old. Then it started to be the case that there were people appearing in the papers who were about my age. Now a lot of them are either my age or younger. As I've mentioned in a recent entry, I'll be 33 soon and it's clearly playing on my mind a bit. However, hopefully it's not going to worry me as much as poor attractive Tess Daly, the wife of Vernon Kay. Recently she's aged two years in as many days.

If you've got a life you might not be aware of the recent text sex saga between rent-a-grin Vermon Kay and various page 3 girls. Vermin has been sending rude texts to woman behind the back of his attractive wife Tess Daly*. Here's a quote from the first article about it:

"Kay always worried Tess, 38, was on to his games."

Here's another only days later regarding how she was coping:

" ... her spokeswoman said she would instead be 'taking some time out'.

The cancellations come as Tess, 40, battles to patch things up with TV star husband Vernon Kay, who admitted sending explicit sex texts to five women behind her back

Oh dear, she's aged two years! Poor woman.

In the unlikely event that she lands on this blog as she trawls the internet through tear stained eyes with a bucket of ice cream and a half empty bottle of wine on the go here's my message to her:

You look 32 at the most.
It is cheating. Dump him, he's a nob.


*Oh come on. She's hot. My girlfriend doesn't think so. Neither does anyone else I've said this to but come on! She's hot!! People who say otherwise are just trying to be clever. Like people who say The Beatles aren't very good. They are and she is.


Nick complaining about people being contrary- oh the irony!

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