I've got wood

A next door neighbour left a load of wood outside their house today so I popped over and picked it up for my open fire. This will save me about £20-£30. You can imagine my excitement when another neighbour saw me carrying the wood and said "ooo - do you burn gear? I've got some you can have as well". Actually you probably can't imagine my excitement. Having an open fire is quite a specialist thing. You're a member of a very exclusive club when you have one.

We're looking at moving house soon and if we do I'll miss my old open fire. We've had some good times together. It's often more fun to watch than a telly.

It's also quite a manly thing, making a fire. There aren't many things I can do that are tough guy alpha male based tasks. I can't rewire a plug. I can't fix the fan belt on a car. I've got no idea about things like plumbing or roofing but I can make a good fire.

Usually I can. Unless I've got guests, then I mess it up and get embarrassed.



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