Like a fine wine.

Soon I will be 33 years old. This is supposed to be the age Jesus was killed on the cross having begun his ministry when he was about 30. It's a big number in Freemasonry, 33 degrees. It's also a significant Discordian number in that it is two sets of three. So it's a twenty three*. For me it's a bigger deal than when I was 30 in that I will finally feel like I'm 'old'.

Not 'old' as in 'past it' but 'old' as in - without question an adult.

I've spent most of my life feeling 'old/past it'. I remember going into a nightclub at the age of 19/20 and thinking I was too old for loud music and dancing. Being 'old/past it' is a state of mind and it's one I've enjoyed for most of my life.

However, being 'old' as in, an adult is quite different. It's like the first time someone calls you a man in an entirely descriptive context and without irony. Usually someone you don't know in a shop or something. "Can you just serve this man here while I go and do the till?" Ooo - I'm a man now. Quite an odd little moment.

33 will be one of those moments.

No plans to have a party. Think I'll just sit and stare at a wall wondering where it all went wrong**.

*Obviously I'm aware that numerology is another word for nonsense but if you want to follow this path there's a link here to a previous entry.

**Joke. Going to go out for a meal with the lady.


I got an autograph from Timmy Mallet and he wrote "To Lloyd, the man who ran in to me at Maidenhead train station". He referred to me as a man, and it blew my mind!

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