Our microwave has gone. My girlfriend says smoke was pumping out of the metal grill on the side. Not a good sign.

I've always had a bit of a fear of microwaves. Particularly their ability to go all sparkly and crackly when you put a metallic or reflective substance in by accident. I once read that they could easily be turned into powerful beam weapons that would be a boon to terrorists*.

I've often left the room as a microwave works its mysterious magic just in case it decides to explode for no reason. It's nothing other than a bonus that it was my little lady that saw it smoking in the kitchen.

I'm currently sat waiting for my oven to cook up some Ken Hom for lunch. Man, he does amazing ready meals!


* "Inventors claim to turn 300 microwaves into megawatt energy weapon" - click here.


My mate wrecked my microwave when I was at university. He blew up a Jamaican patty inside it.

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