My grain

Saturday 13th Feb

My vision was out when I woke up today. I couldn't see my middle finger when I put my hand up infront of my face. This is always a sign that I'm coming down with a migrane. The first time I ever got one was back at University when I woke up nice and early for a lecture. I lay on my bed in the morning sun reading a copy of Viz magazine knowing I didn't have to set off for another twenty minutes or so. Then I noticed it was a copy of Vz magazine as opposed to Viz. I couldn't see the "i".

It's very a odd experience. There's no blur, nothing, just the middle part of my sight is missing. Whenever this happens I feel fine but I know that it's a warning sign that there's a killer headache on the way.

The problem with migranes though is that they tend to stick around via a groggy feeling for a few days after. I made the mistake of mentioning it on my radio show because I was still feeling a little cloth-headed. This always results in a flood of emails/texts telling you what might be wrong with you. Some of them are really useful but others are absolutely terrifying.

In the event that I do die of some horrible brain haemorrage this blog entry (and ones like it) will take on an air of pathos. However, given that they are not regular occurances I'm not going to bother my doctor about it just yet.



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