Peter Andre seems like a nice bloke

Celebrity and news are two words that don't really belong together but we get the media we deserve in this country. Currently there's a big outcry against, Kay Burley, the Sky News presenter in this clip (above) who apparently makes, Peter Andre, cry by asking some pretty harsh questions. The anger directed at her has left me confused. She's a journalist, her job is to ask tough questions. He's a reality TV star, his job is to make good bits of telly. Both of these people are doing their job, yet the comments section of YouTube reveals all sorts of bile being directed towards her*. Now, with it being the infamous You Tube comments section I guess it's hard to be surprised that there are people who think "people like this need to be bloody sacked, what happened to respect".

Then again on her blog you've got well over 400 comments, most of them vicious:

"I don't think of myself as a violent person, but [...] I [want]to smack her face!"

"I have never botherd with news stories before but when I watched this discusting interveiw I was angerd, Kay should be ashamed of what she's done to pete"

"I have registered with the site solely to register my outrage, and that is not too strong a term. [...] SKY, get rid of this dreadful insensitive odious woman NOW"


Now, clearly a lot of these people are morons, but the point is that this level of 'public outrage' at a woman who was doing her job now means Ofcom are involved. The Press Association reported at around 5 o'clock today that "broadcasting watchdog Ofcom confirmed it had received complaints about the interview [...and is yet to decide...] whether or not to launch an investigation.".

All this because she did her job as a journalist and asked some tough questions. The reason celebrities feature in the news is because of economic pressure. It was resisted in his country for many years but in the end the need for bigger audiences caused the news media to break. This was driven by the need to cater to the sort of people who are now outraged, Peter Andre, was interviewed by a journalist. Now those same people are demanding that we have journalists who do not ask tough questions. As I said in opening, we get the media we deserve in this country.


*I'm reminded of a link someone sent me on Twitter that I posted recently.


Peter Andre is a nice guy, but I wish he'd go away and just run his family quietly.
Anonymous said…
Why do people like peter andre so much. I have bothing against the man but would the public be 'outraged' if this happened to Katie price (as an example) I know i wouldn't be outraged. Is this really newsworthy and lets carry on the tradition of catering for idiots and putting down people who are good at what they do.
Anonymous said…
Sky asks a celebrity tough question. Celebrity tears up. We all talk/comment about it.

Job done.

You're either 'famous' or a nobody

Both have their good points.

I think you want(secretly) to be a celeb , Nick
Watch yourself.:-)

Enjoying the show BTW. Heavily influenced by managerial content control, sadly, but still glimpses of genius

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