Rhod Gilbert and agressive surrealism.

I went to see Rhod Gilbert recently, he's a comedian who is currently touring with a show called "Rhod Gilbert and The Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst". It was brilliant. He has a ranting style which I'm sure has developed quite considerably since the last time I saw him. Most surrealists seem to be under the impression that you have to present your material in a spaced out manner if it is going to work. Rhod Gilbert walks the fine line between truth and fiction with a passionate edge to his voice. Not all of his material fits the description 'surreal' but the best bits were pretty far out.

What I particularly enjoyed about the show is there's no way I could see something like that working on the television. It would have to be sanitised. There's no substitute for live comedy. Actually being there as someone dishes out their version of funny. The comedy world is apparently making more money than ever before as the recession takes its teeth to our wallets. People need cheering up. Sales at the Fringe recorded an all time high. The venue for Rhod Gilbert was packed.

Stand up is still fairly new to the UK in its current form. If you've never bothered to get out of the house to watch someone do it I suggest you make it a must. The small screen just doesn't do it justice. As long as you pick a good comedian you'll potentially end up with a serious live comedy habit.

If you've seen a good comedian post his name in the comments section. Then go look at www.chortle.co.uk - the best comedy website around.



I saw Andy Kind last year and he was good. The interesting thing about him is that he is a christian comedian who keeps it "clean".
I've seen Rhod Gilbert on TV do a rant about washing machines. I've told other people about it, and had them in tears laughing at what he said.

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