"The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars" -- Carl Sagan

Obama has cancelled the mission to the moon which was set to happen towards the end of this decade. Budget cuts mean that America has limped out of the space race with their President describing their ambition as: "over budget, behind schedule, and lacking in innovation". To my mind it has always been a straight choice for the human race, war or space exploration. Hence the opening quote from Carl Sagan. Either we'll all kill each other or we'll answer the challenge set by the stars. We can't do both.

The Mirror reports:

"One of the few areas to escape the axe is defence, with a further £120billion ear-marked for the war in Afghanistan over the next 18 months after the latest surge of 30,000 extra troops."

I was at the tail end of the generation of boys who could dream of being an astronaut. Nowadays I suspect they'd much rather you dreamt of joining the army. It seems so squalid and pathetic that the human race hasn't got together and sorted itself out yet. Each night we can see the galaxy wrapped around us and yet instead our eyes seem to be focused on the mundane.

Add to that the growing number of people who think we didn't even go there in the first place and you've got a picture of a civilisation in decline. It's no consolation that I predicted this in a previous entry.


Focusing on the mundane is entirely appropriate.

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