Toby Carvery or Toby or not?

I'm writing this entry with a very specific purpose. It's real title is "Toby or not?" but I've popped the first bit in there to help search engines and allow it to its target: whoever is responsible for refurbishing the Toby Carvery I went to today. You've ruined it!

Hardcore regular readers of this blog may remember my frequently documented obsession with Toby Carvery which goes back many years. I've always managed to find one no matter where I live: ENTRY ABOUT "CARVERY CLUB" 1, ENTRY ABOUT "CARVERY CLUB" 2. Furthermore I celebrated the aftermath of my 30th birthday there and make a point of going at least once a month, you don't get a body like mine without a certain level of dedication to the cause.

If you've never been to a Toby Carvery you'll be unaware that these sacred pubs are firstly excellent carverys. The food is brilliant. The decor has never been fantastic. Usually the interior of a Toby would be pictures of old comedians and saucy 'politically incorrect' seaside postcards. Bit crap but inoffensive. The same cannot be said of the new look sported by my local version of the chain. They've opted to put up pictures of celebrity chefs in one of the most disapointing refurbs since The Library of Alexandria was re-worked in 642AD.

It's as if a team of people have sat around somewhere* and gone, "what do the proles like that's connceted to food?". Then some bright spark has gone, "Jamie Oliver, people like him don't they? He's pukka!". Things have clearly escalated out of control from that point onwards. The end result is that I feel like I'm sat in what it is, a crappy theme pub that does ok food.


*Probably in the same room M&S decided to call some of their biscuits "yummy".


The Toby Carvery on The Broadway in Walsall is good.

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