Underground fighting.

Friday 19th Feb

I'm sat on the tube, it's quite crowded. A woman in her fifties looks down the carriage and gasps in shock at something going on further down. A rush of people move back from the area she looked at, which is obscured from my sight by the people who are stood up in front of me.

I can hear the sound of someone being silently punched. Flesh on flesh. It's not clear from what I can hear who is punching who, or why. There's no swearing or shouting but I can see from the look on people's face's that an act of nasty violence is taking place. The doors of the tube close. Is no one going to do anything? Are the two people who were fighting still on board? I don't see anyone at the platform as we ride off.

There's no talking or noises other than the tube train itself as we thunder along. Just a gang of kids, maybe 17/18 pulling faces at each other and laughing a bit. One of them is little with a very red face so I presume he was involved in some way. I've sort of half witnessed a crime of some sort but there's no real acknowledgement now by anyone that anything has happened.

The silent expressionless faces of the tube riders only betray a little look of shock. My stop arrives, I get off. The machine moves on and I go above ground.



Iain Buchanan said…
Hey Nick,

The tube sure is weird. I'm a Brummie that commutes regularly down to London, and some of the sights I've seen make me lose faith in humanity.

Just a few weeks ago several trains got cancelled, and so there were a good 4 or 5 trainloads crammed onto one train on the tube.

At the next stop, someone just fainted, and I had to reach across four or five people to try and pull the alarm as no-one else even blinked an eye.

I was the only one then that got off the train onto the platform to try and alert the very slow in arriving staff to help the poor bloke that had fallen.

Then they seemed more interested in pulling him off the train as quickly as possible to get the train moving again than his actual welfare.


That London Underground will flood one day, and don't say I didn't warn you.

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