You think you've got problems? I can't find the cheese grater.

3rd of February.

I bought some cheap cheese last week. It was only about a quid for a big selection tray of the stuff, the only drawback being that it went off that day. I polished off the camembert first with a breadstick. Lovely. Then I had a good go at the rest of it the next day, to the horror of my girlfriend, "you've eaten loads of that cheese, in one night?".

This morning I found it again in the fridge. There was a chunk of edam and another one which I couldn't identify. Now, that's some pretty old cheese I've just melted and devoured on top of the last of the brown bread. I wonder how long until I'll know the full consequences of my actions?


Trollins said…
I love cheese, your blog is about cheese, ergo I love this blog
Laird Hex said…
pleased tweet when the chedder makes a violent exit.

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