My fireplace.

You'll notice that in the side bar I've started putting the top five entries in order of popularity. This is a vague attempt to help the new readers settle in to this, initially almost impenetrable, blog. Readership is back up to one of its peaks but a lot of people are clearly a bit bamboozled by it as I've gone back to posting one entry per day. This means it's not a blog with a clear purpose or agenda just idle daily musings. My idea is that the hardcore who read each entry can act as sort of unpaid editors, filtering out the 'good' bits for me and the wider readership. A tick in one of the little boxes at the bottom of each entry goes towards the its points total.

However, I'm confused by the fact that one of my most 'popular' entries is about my open fire. Proof that democracy isn't always a good idea.

Still, ever the populist, you'll notice I've included a photo of the famous open fire in this entry.



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