Sick of 6 music?

Saturday 27th February

I'm not on board with this whole "save six music" thing. Its got 600,000 listeners. It plays pop music. It costs £6 million! It's not closing until the end of 2011 at the earliest.

Where's the problem?

Adam and Joe are good. They'll find work elsewhere. They were funnier on XFM. They've lost some of their edge at 6 Music. A move will do them good.

Other than that I can't work out what the problem is.

Radio's 1 and 2 play pop music already.

These points of view didn't make me very popular at a gathering of fellow radio professionals recently but there we are.



Murray said…
'Pop' music? You really can be such a clueless [insert expletive here] sometimes, Nick. Shows that you've probably only listened to maybe 5 mins of 6Music at most. Go to the iPlayer and listen to Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone from last Sunday - the featured album was Captain Beefheart's Clear Spot. This show plays all things weird, esoterical, and sometimes batshit crazy in music, even 'outsider' music - You'd love it! The station's music output encompasses all genres of music you could think of, and there are many excellent specialist shows, hence the reason it will never gain massive audience figures. You know full well that commercial stations generally aim for mediocre, pedestrian playlists throughout the day to keep a steady number of people listening - in order to bombard them with advertising every 10/15 mins.

If there are any cuts to be made, then BBC3 certainly has to go; Radio 1 and 1Xtra could easily be merged together; They could also do without so many local BBC stations in England. Maybe just 4 main stations to represent the NW,NE,SW,SE.

Merely suggestions, mind! (Which I've passed on to the BBC bigwigs)
Rant over. Otherwise keep on blogging...
Anonymous said…
Interesting take.

Does 6music really play "pop" music? A recent audit suggested that the overlap of tracks played on other radio stations was in the region of 7%. This implies 93% of the musical output is unique to 6 and unheard elsewhere.

On a personal level, 6 has brought many fantastic new bands and artists to my attention which I would otherwise have never heard.

6 provides unique, commercially unnapealling content, supporting niche music and new bands. Isn't this exactly what the BBC should be all about?

Perhaps you could argue radios 1 and 2 should be doing this already, and perhaps you'd have a point.

And George Lamb...

...well, nothing is perfect.
When I'm in the mood for checking out new music I use this new fangled technology called "t'interweb".

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