Amazing how easy it is to jump off the wagon

March 17th

Having stuck religiously to my weight watcher's diet I stumbled off it yesterday with a mate of mine's banana cake. Jolly good it was too.

I'm doing the weight watchers diet where you're allowed a certain number of 'points' each day. Everything you eat goes towards that day's points total and so long as you're eating the allotted amount you'll lose weight. You need the number of calories and the total saturated fat in your food portion to work out the number of points. However, the problem with weight watchers, is it pushes you slightly in the direction of junky ready meals and pre-packaged food because it's easier to work out the number of points in a bit of food if it's got the measurements printed on a label.

Specially made fresh banana cake, although healthier than something out of a supermarket, is harder to point. This was all the excuse I needed to fall off the wagon and start pushing food into my mouth like there was no tomorrow. The logic of a fat person rarely makes sense.



Lloydd said…
My new year's resolution is to not eat beef anymore. I ordered a burger on Saturday, and only realised what I'd done when I started eating it and recognised that it tasted of beef. As I said to my wife, it is amazing how I found myself "sleepwalking into beef".

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