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Why does the media only ever seem to report bad news?

If you see a man with a gun out of the corner of your eye you'll focus on him. The media wants your focus so carries his picture.

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

My favourite easy question! The egg came first, dinosaurs lay eggs. They predate chickens. This question comes from a religious mindset which sees the world as being something created, according to a plan. Once you accept this world is a work in progress which grows as opposed to being made this "eternal quandry" vanishes.

Why does time seem to be speeding up?

It's all about perspective. When you were one year old 6 months was half a life time. When you were two it was only a quarter. At the age of twenty six months is becoming an even smaller fraction of the time you've experienced and so on.

Why, when we've had ten years of a so-called socialist Government, have the rich continued to get richer and the poor poorer?

The gap between rich and poor is a direct consequence of our banking system, it's not really connected to social policy.

Nice simple diagram of the banking system:

PEOPLE IN CREDIT (ie with money)




(ie without money or needing it)

If you're in debt to the bank in any way you'll know that there's an extra fee added to that debt in both interest and extra charges. That money does two things, it pays for the service and goes into the hands of those people who are lucky enough to be in credit. The more money you are in credit by the more this system benefits you.

Times of economic boom in this country have always been based on loans or "investment" and the end result is of course profit which always goes to the people at the top of this system. Money never trickles down unless it has a price tag attached and will eventually rise up again, with interest.

When I had this explained to me last year it literally blew my mind but nowadays it seems so obvious I'm embarrased if I try to explain it to someone in case they pull a face and go "yeah - everyone knows that you idiot". In the times I have explained it to people so far, no one has done that.


The banking system is essential to prevent the rich people having all the money.
If banks pay them interest in return for being able to loan out the money, it makes it possible for people with NO money to borrow easily.
This is *supposed* to be for investment, eg to set up a business or buy a house. If you set up a successful business using a loan, then yes; you will have to repay the loan with interest, but you will end up with far more money than you started with, and the world will end up with whatever service/good you provide.
If people take out loans to buy TVs or whatever, then there is a short-term boost to the economy from the extra spending, but most people end up poorer as the money hasn't been used to PRODUCE anything, only consume.
Once everybody at the bottom has taken on maximum debt and start to default on their loans, the whole system goes to shit and there's a "credit crunch"; which is exactly what happened.

If, on the other hand, people generally save their money instead of getting into debt; THEY are the people at the 'top' of the credit tree, and get richer.

Anyway, in general the poor (in the UK at least) haven't actually got poorer over any length of time in the past 50-odd years; they've actually got richer, just by a far lesser degree than the rich.
Anonymous said…
ah but what came first Nick, the Dinosaur or the Egg?

though i do agree with you it doesnt fully answer the question! you have to go right back to the beginning hmmmmm
Tenma said…
Nick, I've always believed that the chicken became before the egg. But it is plausible that I may be wrong. There are some views that chickens have evolved from dinosaur eggs, so in that case the egg would have been before the chicken. Hmm.
THE EGG came first. A creature very similar to a chicken gave birth to an EGG. Inside that egg was a mutated version of itself called a CHICKEN.
I don't know anybody with a good understanding of politics who thinks this government is SOCIALIST.

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