Dan Morfitt the Pub Quizard.

Wednesday 24th February.

Popped along to a pub quiz recently with my ol' mates Dan Morfitt and OJ Borg. The former of the two seems to know everything. Without exception. So much so that we won by a huge margin. I only managed to contribute the answers to a couple of questions, most of them during the Elvis music round. I've never been a big fan of Elvis, he seems too overrated to me. "Burning Love" is a good tune, as is "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Jailhouse Rock". Other than that I'm left a little cold, he strikes me as a less creative version of Robbie Williams.

The latter of the two of my friends, OJ Borg, is also the presenter on the lottery midweek draw. You can imagine how pleased he was to hear my various theories on how Derren Brown went about guessing the numbers. I don't think he has enough people asking him about that, everyday.



OJ Borg's hair upsets me.

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