Dr Krotoski and my girlfriend's indignant wrath!

Monday 1st March

I made a fatal error when settling down to watch the recent episode of "The Virtual Revolution". As me and the lady curled up on the couch I mentioned that I thought the presenter, Dr Krotoski, had nice hair. This made my girlfriend a bit territorial and led to a series of accurate cynical attacks on the show. "Woo - spooky music," she added as the programme tried to explain that the internet is bad because it has advertising on it.

The more I watched with this sarcastic commentary the more I was inclined to agree that this particular episode (The Cost Of Free) wasn't the best of the series. The idea that I should run screaming from the internet because it might try and sell me things is a little silly. I've worked in commercial media all my life and have made peace with the idea that there's nothing wrong with giving someone a chance to pay you to promote a product. So long as everyone is clear on the deal and the advert is obviously marked out from the content it seems a fair transaction.

Still, The Virtual Revolution, thinks targetted ads are something to fear. Again, I'm not clear why. I'd rather have an advert I might beinterested in than one for something I'm not. The irony, as my girlfriend pointed out, was that mostly this message was hammered home using advertising techniques. Scary music, chilling cutaways and emotive wordplay.

Other than that though I've enjoyed the series so far. And the presenter's hair is nice.

But not as nice as my girlfriend's.



At present I love the TV adverts for webuyanycar.com, gocompare.com, and comparethemarket.com. At the same time I have never used a price comparison site and intend never to do so.

I also have no intention of buying a pint of Speckled Hen, despite watching many, many hours of Dave.

If you have a brain then there is nothing to fear from advertising campaigns.

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