I popped the cardboard box in my open fire.

March 8th

The launch of Marmite XO has left me musing over that age old question ... which came first, the marketing or the product? My girlfriend likes Marmite and she enjoyed their 'champagne' flavour. Or, at least, she's been eating it. I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say she's 'enjoying' it. I had a bit and didn't really like the taste.

That's the odd thing about Marmite, their marketing is so pervasive I feel like I should have a strong opinion on it. "You either love it or hate it," or like me feel reasonably indifferent to it. It's alright on toast, goes well with cheese on toast but I wouldn't want it on my cornflakes.

Marmite XO is supposed to be Xtra Old, meaning it has been left longer to mature its taste. It comes in a nice cardboard box and cost four quid. I only bought it because I'd parked my car in the Waitrose car park and was looking for something to buy just in case I was challenged for improper use. I got suckered in by the cardboard box and the novelty value.

Unlike 'champagne flavour' this stuff just tastes like normal Marmite. I had a bit on my toast and thought, 'mmm, just marmite then'.

Actually though, now I come to think of it, this particular jar does have a strange aftertaste to it. It's tinged with the unsurprising faint taste of disappointment and lack of substance.

'Champagne' on the left 'XO' on the right


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