I'm a fan of clubs, which club do I join?

Fan clubs seem a bit old fashioned these days. I imagine you’d join a “facebook” group if you liked a popstar in the 2010’s. I was a member of the 'Dennis The Menace fan club' – “DING DONG” was their secret password, I think. I was also a member of the A-Team fan club for reasons that were a mystery to me at the time because I never requested membership. I later started to suspect that one of my cousins had signed me up as there was a prize for any A-Team fan club member who bought a membership for one of their friends.

Also, as a wacky ironic student, I joined The Spice Girl’s fan club. Of the lot this was the most disappointing one because I recall getting very little in return for my membership.

A mate of mine told me he was in the He-Man fan club and he got given a special He-Man name. It was something like "Stardack".

The most interesting fan club I was ever a member of was ‘The Doctor Who appreciation society’. It was an unofficial club which had formed in response to the absence of any “Who” at the time. Fans of Doctor Who were called 'Whovians' at the time and were much geekier than they are these days. We used to organise screenings of classic episodes on a projector. It was run in conjunction with a ‘Star Trek Appreciation society’, who were considerably more successful in terms of attendance and significantly cooler than us because they had actual girls in their club.

Furthermore, at the time, Star Trek was on the telly whereas Dr Who had been cancelled. The idea 'Who' would ever return was the exclusive territory of crazy drunken tramps ranting in the park. How things have changed.



Anonymous said…
D.I.N.G. (Dennis Is Never Good)

D.O.N.G. (Dennis Owns Naughty Gnasher)
Lloyd said…
I used to be a fan of Nick Margerrison on Facebook, but I soon knocked that on the head.

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