It's all getting a bit hairy...

11th March

I’m not happy with my hair. It just isn’t working out for me these days. I’ve never really cracked the whole personal appearance thing but recently I’ve started trying, in conjunction with my diet, to at least take an interest. I think once you’re over 30 you have to make a bit of an effort. After almost three years (33 soon) I’ve finally noticed that none of my peers spend as little time on the way they present themselves as I do. Hence my worry about this rubbish hair I’m carrying about on my bonce.

The problem is that there are not many haircuts I really like. Spikey has worn thin on me, hence the need for a change. Centre parting looks wrong. Side parting looks too Hitler. Short looks too army. Long looks too trampy. The only hair style I really like is big and curly. That looks great. Kind of like an afro style. I like that, but my hair is insanely straight. There’s not even a decent kink to it.

Perhaps I just want what I can’t have. Or maybe I should get a dreadful perm. Then I’d soon shut up and worry about something more important.



Lloydd said…
On Saturday I dyed my hair purple for a laugh. On Sunday I felt too self-conscious about it so cropped it short, but it was still purple. I went to work today and nobody noticed. In the end, I had to point it out to people.

I don't know what is more depressing. The fact that I look like Jim Carrey as The Riddler, or that fact that nobody gives a shit.

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