Liars and beggars

Me and my sister went out for a drink today. I've always had a pretty low tolerance for alcohol so after two pints I was spouting all the usual nonsense, click here for an example.

Once the night came to a natural end we rang a Taxi. Then we stood outside and waited. After the third random came upto me asking if I had any money I put in a call.

"Ringing to check on the taxi I ordered..."

"He's there now".

"Well, err, he's not, because I'm stood here and can't see him".

"Oh yeah, he's on his way".

"So, when you said he was there, what did you mean?"

"Oh, err, he's on his way".

Standing in the cold waiting for a taxi it wasn't a pleasant experience to be lied to. It was equally unnerving the sheer number of people who seemed to be wandering about asking people for money on a Thursday night in Birmingham.



Lloydd said…
They're called chuggers.

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