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People are strange...

Given that I’m a professional conversationalist I’ve decided I’m going to try and ignore the social taboo which has grown up these days as regards talking to strangers. If the person I’m sat next to doesn’t look like a criminal or a nutter I’m striking up a conversation with them. It’s going quite well so far.

I spoke at length to a woman in London who sat next to me on a bench today. She was eating a bun. We had a conversation about the tube, how good London is, the fact you can’t realistically use a car during rush hour and diets. It was a good experience and I felt pleased to have broken the silence that hangs between two people in such situations.

As I write this a chap has just sat down opposite me with a lap top. I’m in one of those places where you get internet access. He’s got spikey hair and a stressed look on his face. The irony of what I’ve written is painfully apparent to me as in this instance I can’t be bothered to get into a conversation. I’ve already had one and it seems a shame to risk it ...

Nope – he’s on his phone now. There’s my excuse. Actually, that's silly. I'll wait for him to finish then casually strike up a conversation. What's the worst that can happen? I'll report back in a moment...


Well, that went well. We chatted about Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm not sure how that happened. This experiment is quite fun. And I managed to keep the fact he looks a bit like Sonic to myself. Excellent.



Laird Hex said...

that was far deeper than i think you realise.

change the world on conversation at a time. - you go dude!

Lloydd said...

I used to be fascinated by London, but since I left I've rapidly become bored of it. Maybe this is a good thing? Otherwise I'd miss it, feel sad, and kill myself.

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