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March 13th

My attempt to write a blog entry a day is taking its toll. Some of these submissions are compiled from hastily scribbled notes written down on the day they are assigned to. It’s usually something like “hate my hair” or “fan clubs”. I’m amazed that I managed, for so long, to keep up the momentum of a daily blog in the past when I had far less free time than my current regime. I think it’s good to get back into the habit and there’s a reasonable chunk of people who are once again logging on to this site and reading my silly ramblings.

I worry that it’s all a bit Adrian Mole sometimes though. Particularly when I get behind with entries and only have notes like the one for today which say: “nothing much happened, did radio show”.



Lloyd said…
Nothing wrong with Adrian Mole.

However, blogging about blogging is usually the worst kind of blogging. In the same way that songs about songs , and films about film-making, are usually crap.

My pet peev is when someone hasn't blogged for 3 months then writes one line that says "blimey, I haven't blogged for ages, will update soon". Then they don't.

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