This entry must be worth a free box?

When I posted a month or so ago that I was addicted to Monster Munch I don't think a lot of my readers fully grasped the scale of the problem. After cleaning my car out I've found over fifteen empty packets. Add to that the five I had in my pockets and we're looking at a nice round number: twenty empty packets on my front room floor!

Now, in this period of time I've lost over a stone in weight. I've been counting up all my food and one packet of these bad boys is only 3 weight watcher's points. So not only am I eating loads of s--t but I'm also losing weight. I look forward to discovering the health consequences at a later date.

Their website is quite amusing: For some reason it's got an 18 cert. It's a flash site with some nice quirky touches let down by the fact that if you click on the 'monster blog' (which is written by fans of the snack) you are greeted by a laundry list of complaints posted by people who haven't recieved their Monster Munch t-shirts. I'm guessing the marketing department at Walkers have moved on from the '09 launch activity for this particular brand and so haven't noticed yet.

You gotta love capitalism, no matter what Michael Moore says.



There's no excuse for not removing waste from your car on a daily basis. You mucky little Herbert.

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