Alpha males

I’m quite proud of the following sentence ... “I hate alpha males but not so much that I’d want to become one”. I’ve used it a few times now and I’m disappointed at the response it has had from people. It’s a sentence that popped out of my head when I was writing a blog entry for work. When it did I sort of sat back and went “yeah, that’s really good”. Turns out it’s only a great sentence in my own head. Other people don’t seem to notice its greatness.

This has presented me with a problem that I’m in the process of solving. If I drop this sentence into a social occasion no one bats an eyelid and the conversation continues. It’d be stupid of me to try and say:

Ha – don’t you see???!!?? I hate alpha male types, right, but not so much that I want to become one!!!!???!!! Good eh???!? I’ve highlighted the reason why people are unable to challenge the dogma surrounding the conventions of alpha males and hierarchical structures within our society, with a single sentence!!!?!! Man, sometimes I’m quite good at putting together words an’ stuff. I suppose that’s why I get paid for it. Me, me, me. Ahh, lets talk about me and how great I think I am ”.

I’ve tried acting like that before when I was younger and it doesn’t really work out. The end result is you hang out with people who either do the same about themselves or agree with you. Neither type is much fun.

However, if I don’t at least congratulate myself somewhere on my amazing new sentence I’ll feel a pressing need to mention it either socially or, even worse, when I’m doing my job. Either way I’ll come over like an idiot who lives up his own backside.

My solution is to blog about it. Any reader of this blog (and there’s a worryingly high number of readers presently) will have already sussed out that I have twerp-like tendencies. I’m guessing that you’ll be looking at the screen wondering what gave me the impression that the sentence I’ve come up with is of note:

“I hate alpha males, but not so much that I’d want to be one”.

Not to worry, I’m putting up a lot of entries at the moment in an attempt to catch up, skip this one and read about my ever developing crisp habit underneath.


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