Are you a bird?

In M&S buying some bits* when the fat woman infront of me asked the bloke on the till if he was a bird. It was such an odd question I was surprised at how casually he replied that he was not in fact a bird. She said "oh, my mum says I am" and wandered off. Aside from that she'd seemed normal and had made conversation about the weather with me a few minutes ago.

It left me and the man at the till a little bemused. Was she mad? Had she been asking if he was female? He had a bitof a goatee beard on the go. The correct three letters in this instance are WTF?

There was no communication between me and the bloke all of these questions were conveyed with facial expressions.

I clocked my shopping through and mused at what an odd world we live in.


*Noel Fielding's character in The Might Boosh once pointed out that no one does a proper shop in M&S. You only go there to get your bits. Mashed turnip and beetroot in this particular instance.


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