Arrgh! I hate getting parking tickets.

21st Sunday

I'm learning my lesson as regards driving myself in to work. Sometimes it's nice to get there in your own car but this is my third time I've been given a parking ticket in an area where it's not clear to me (or loads of other ticketed people) that you can't park. The feeling of impotent rage sticks in my throat for ages. In Birmingham, when I was working at Kerrang, I scored a victory against the parking people by contesting a ticket with photographic evidence proving I'd been wrongly fined.

Irritatingly the fine was just forgotten about, they never sent me a 'sorry' letter or acknowledged the fault! More than anything else I wanted a "sorry I'm an idiot" letter from the bloke who gave me a ticket. No such luck.


BACKLINK TO THE TIME I GOT A PARKING TICKET (caution, new readers, your new blog friend used to use bad language on this page...)


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