Bit stalkerish?

29th March

Excellent – my girlfriend has commissioned and purchased a picture of Alan Moore for me. One of her mates painted it and jolly good it is too. You’d have thought a picture of one of my all time heroes could only be a good thing. However, there’s part of me that has to now accept that Alan Moore and I will never become bestest friends for life because one of us has a big picture of the other hanging in his front room. It’s all a bit stalker.

I interviewed, Alan Moore, on an old radio show I did a few years back. There’s a YouTube video here*. We got along well, spoke for hours and at the end he gave me his address to send the interview on to him. Obviously, in typical Nick Margerrison fashion, I lost it in my room somewhere. I suspect part of this was caused by a vague subconscious feeling that life would be weird if I became friends with a genius. Now of course, it would be even weirder because I have a big beautiful picture of him.

NOTES FOR NONE GEEK READERS: Alan Moore is the single most potent force in comic books at the moment. His work has transformed the nature of sequential art forever. In years to come our descendents will study his work as you and I did Shakespeare.

NOTES FOR GEEK READERS: If you disagree with the above description of Alan Moore you clearly have no idea what you’re on about. People like you annoy me actually. You’re exactly the sort of twunt who’d say they don’t like The Beatles just to get a rise out of me. You do like The Beatles, they’re amazing. You also like Alan Moore, The Watchmen was so good it made you cry. It’s no good pretending otherwise now he’s popular. Strutting about with your copy of Sandman under your arm thinking you’re all that. It can’t hold a candle to Prometha that can’t. Etc etc.

*Featuring an amusing comment from some bloke who has clearly had a bit of an irony bypass. See if you can spot it...


Lloyd said…
Alan Moore is the second best thing to come out of Northampton. The first being Jo Whiley.

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