The descent of man?

April 6th

It recently occurred to me that when it comes to describing our children I don’t like the word “descendants”. It represents a very old school of thought which has been thoroughly debunked by modern science. There are two distinct views of humanity divided by whether you put the perfect point of human existence in the future or the past. Does your “Golden Age” represent a period that went by ages ago, like The Garden of Eden or Atlantis, or do you envisage a futuristic utopia which is yet to come?

Most people, without giving it much thought, opt for the former. Even the phrase ‘golden age’ lends itself to that. It’s ‘golden’ and therefore doesn’t tarnish with time. The word ‘descendants’ implies that we’re coming down from that perfection, descending into the mire of modern existence. What nonsense.

Human beings are making progress, the best example of this is the dentist's chair. Would you like to go to the dentist at any time in days gone by? Or would you rather a modern dentist? Or, would you rather a futuristic dentist? If you are like me you'd be tempted to gamble on the futuristic one surely? Despite the fact that every time I go to the dentist I find God in the chair for a few moments (and prey to him for a bit) dentistry is easily the best proof that we as a society are progressing.

The next great thing people are going to do is explore the stars and colonise the planets. We're going to ASCEND! Lets stop calling the people who will do that descendants.



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