Lion-O is my hairspiration

I'm trying to sort out my physical appearance a bit, with limited success. Largely my hair seems to want to look like Lion-O out of The Thundercats. Don't get me wrong, Lion-O is a cool dude, but his hair isn't really what I want.

Thundercats was not actually a great cartoon. It did that thing which a lot of kid's TV shows did back in my era, had a great intro and then provided very hit and miss episodes. One of my eternal gripes is the fact that the intro to Thundercats always contained all the characters having a massive brawl in stark contrast to the episodes themselves which would only usually feature one or two of the main characters and some new villain they were trying to get you to buy as a toy.

Lion-O is now my archetype for a bad hair day and frequently pops into my mind when I look in the mirror.

Still, at least I'm not Alistair Darling. He looks exactly like Sam Eagle out of the muppets...

Darling is on the right...


Lloydd said…
Lion-O also frequently lost control of his internal monologue. What a tit.

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