Ploughing through another book on the occult...

I'm reading a new biography on Aleister Crowley called "A Magick Life". It's jolly good and reads like a dramatic film. The author, Martin Booth, doesn't get too bogged down in the 'reality' or otherwise of magick and has crafted a book that reads really well.

I've never been too enamoured by the 'cult-of-Crowley' but do have time for Thelemites and the OTO. It's interesting to read about some of the Thelemic rituals, as they were carried out at the Abbey of Thelema in Spain. It also makes me wonder if the people I know who are members of the OTO still honour some of the more bizzare ideas Crowley put into practice at the height of his powers. I suspect not but the scintilla of doubt is what makes it interesting.

One of my most popular pages on this blog is the entry I wrote as regards my dabblings with Crowley and the occult last year. If you're new to the blog go here to read it.


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