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Nick Margerrison is a radio presenter who presents the weekend overnight show on LBC 97.3.

==Earlier career==

Nick Margerrison went to the University of Essex where he studied English Literature. It was there he started his career in radio at University Radio Essex where he rose ultimately to the position of Station Manager and helped to secure the station's first FM Radio licence, albeit a short term 'restricted service licence'. This co-incided with URE being granted a low power AM licence which was awarded on a trial basis to the station ahead of their adoption in the future on other student radio and hospital radio stations. From there he went on to work professionally in local radio starting on Oak FM in Loughborough and moving on to The Bay in Lancaster.

==Hallam FM==

He joined Hallam FM in South Yorkshire in April 2001 and remained there until May 2007. In that time he presented the overnight show and the afternoon show before finally taking over the late night phone in slot in 2003. 'Nick at Night' was a topical late night talk show that regularly received successful RAJAR listening figures.

'Nick at Night' deviated from traditional radio phone-ins in that it operated an almost exclusive "no-screening" policy on callers. Thus a wide variety of often controversial viewpoints were given air-time. Margerrison constantly challenged callers to reconsider their viewpoints, and offered his own thoughts on the subjects of the day.

==KERRANG! 105.2==

In October 2007 he was appointed as the Late Night Presenter for Kerrang! Radio in place of Tim Shaw who moved to present the station's breakfast show. The Kerrang! radio show was called 'The Night Before' and he presented it with a co-host, Amy Jones. His producer, Alex Baker, also had a very significant on air role. The show had a different structure to his previous show 'Nick at Night' in that it contained music and interviews.

A typical The Night Before interviewee came from a fringe perspective. Examples include, David Icke, Ivan Stang, Alex Jones, Bret Hart, Alan Moore, Rodney Orpheus and Peter H. Gilmore.

On 23 June 2009, Kerrang! Radio stated in an e-mail to 'Freq Club' members that Margerrison would be leaving the station "we can’t escape the fact that the economy at the moment is screwed and like every other business we have had to make some tough decisions."

==Edge Media TV==

Margerrison has filmed two series of the chat show called 'Esoteria' for Edge Media Television, which broadcasts on Sky Channel 200. Its main focus was the more esoteric guests that had featured on the Kerrang Radio show.

==LBC 97.3==
He now presents the overnight show on London speech station LBC 97.3 from September 10 2009, taking over from Anthony Davis who moved to weeknights.

==Religious beliefs==

Nick Margerrison is an ordained and practising Discordian (fifth Pope of the High Church) but usually professes to be an athiest.


His blog. The above is all actually true.

Is anyone going to sort the above out for me? I'd feel odd editing my own page - I've resisted the temptation ever since it first appeared on that bloody website back in the Hallam FM days.


Lloyd said…
You haven't mentioned Youth FM?
Dyonn said…
You should mention Edgar Mitchell. Some people might know you because of that.
Most Wikipedia pages have an early life section aswell. maybe you should explain the reason for your slightly feministic beliefs.
I see I've been written out of your life *sob*
Anonymous said…
you haven't mentioned where you're from (sheffield?)

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