Skipping my daily Monster Munch...

I’ve switched my crisp allegiance from Monster Munch to Skips in light of the fact that they are half the number of weight watchers points. Although I’m not enjoying them quite so much, I’d say my enjoyment factor has only decreased by about 15-20% per packet, this is easily compensated for by the fact that I can now eat two bags of crisps where previously I was only eating one.

Sadly, unlike Monster Munch, the retro value of Skips is not being used to market them. Personally I would like to see the return of “Clumsy Colin” the wacky cartoon character who was used to shift product for KP Snacks Ltd back in the early 1980’s. A large part of their marketing campaign was invested in the sponsorship of a little remembered ZX Spectrum computer game, “Action Biker,” which to my mind qualifies as a retro classic. It’s fair to say that for a long summer in 1985/6(ish) I was obsessed with this game. The point of it was to drive about and collect bits of your bike from people’s houses. I mainly spent time running out of petrol and driving over packets of skips which increased your health.

In fact, before I owned a ZX Spectrum I remember fantasising about what it would be like to play 'Clumsy Colin' for longer than the half an hour or so I got at my uncle's house. In the wake of these fantasies me and my next door neighbour (at my insistence) devised a game called 'Clumsy Colin' which we played on our bikes out in the fresh air.

Obviously it wasn’t as good as the real thing. Fresh air is for losers!

I’d like to see the return of, Clumsy Colin, for entirely selfish nostalgic reasons, it’d be interesting to see what happened to him as he rode his bike through the 90’s and the 00’s. I imagine, entirely sustained by a diet of crisps, he died of malnutrition. Perhaps the new reworked game for the PS3 would be Angry Colin, son of Clumsy! He’s back to kick the ass of the marketing chump that killed his Dad with poor dietary advice!

Screenshots lifted from this excellent retro gaming site, World Of Spectrum.


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