Still got a fat face though...

Despite eating loads of crisps, falling off the wagon and not going to the gym my weight is slowly coming under my control. I’m just under the 16 stone mark. My target weight is 14.5 but when I started this venture I was pushing 17.5. I’m therefore almost half way. This is a dangerous point in a diet. I’m having moments where I catch my reflection and think, “oo – I’m not as fat as I was”. This then seems to translate into “it’s ok I can cheat a bit today and eat that”. I think the hardest part of a diet to do is the last bit when you’re shifting the final half a stone or so.

Annoyingly I still have a fat face. This means it’s unlikely I’ll be going for beard removal anytime soon. I’ve had a few close shaves and this second chin of mine doesn’t do anyone any favours. Unless it goes the beard will have to stay.


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