Talking to people for fun... 2

My attempts at conversations with strangers are continuing. I’ve spoken to some bloke who was on his way to Liverpool for a conference, a couple of women who were in training for the London marathon and an old lady who still had some mince pies left over from Christmas.

I also had a chat with a guy who was from Cashmere who got out pictures of his bus that he’d left in his home country. It was really interesting looking at the different world from which he’d come. I also learned about a country I’d never thought of beyond a few news reports years ago.

Finally I chatted with a chap from Afghanistan, he told me that the war there was doomed to failure because, according to him, everyone there is born to the sound of gunfire in order to acclimatise them. “Everyone carries a gun there, the Americans might have technology but most of the people I know from my country who want to fight wouldn’t hesitate to die,” were his words. He was a nice bloke. His reasons for leaving were that it was a dangerous place to live!

I’m being careful to avoid conversations with obvious nutters. I’m also trying to avoid coming across as one myself. It’s also tricky not to seem like you’re chatting someone up if they’re the opposite sex. My current tactic is this, open the conversation and don’t continue it without a good response. I think there’s an art to it which I’m starting to master.


Lloydd said…
Hi Nick. My understanding is that Kashmir is the place, cashmere is a type of wool. Furthermore, I am a bit wary of using the word "country". Kashmir is a territory under the control of three different nation states - China, India, and Pakistan.

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