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19th April

I'm getting stuck into a couple of new books which are worth noting here. One of them is by Malcom Gladwell, writer of 'Tipping Point'. It's called 'Outliers' and it's about people who are extraordinarily sucessful. Like me for example. Did you spot my funny joke? On the success scale an 'Outlier' would place me into a pretty depressing sense of perspective. So much so that they'd actually be in orbit they'd be that far away. An outlier is someone like John Lennon or Bill Gates. Real astronomical success. This book looks at what common qualities these people have. It's very good.

On the other side of my brainium I'm reading yet another book on the occult. I've noticed this is a topic that tends to polarise my readership somewhat. I think some people see it as a sign that I'm losing the plot a bit and/or "trying to fill a god sized hole" in my life. I think they are both fair criticisms from an outside perspective but I've got an addiction so am unlikely to see sense. The book is called SSOTMBE and it's brilliant.

The Chris Morris book I mentioned earlier has had but a few pages pushed so far. This means I have around four or five books currently on the go. Oh dear.


Lloyd Jobsworth said…
Was it your plan to write 3 entries in May, and give them April dates?
Lloyd Agreeable said…
I read Malcolm Gladwell's book "Blink" in 2007. He's good!

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