Dr new

This new Doctor in Dr Who just keeps getting better. He's nailed the part 100%. One of my favourites, on the same level as Tom Baker. There's a nice level of comedy to the show at the moment and I think the whole series has recieved the kick up the particulars it needed.

My fears were unfounded and my hope that he was as good as the trailers suggested are being vindicated. Let there be rejoicing in the street.

Judging from the response this opinion has had on twitter I think it's safe to say that most people are now being won round as well.

I guess I empathise with actors who take on that role as it's not unlike the position I've found myself in sometimes. At LBC and Kerrang before it I was filling some big boots and you've no way of knowing if anyone will like your take on things. It'd be a pretty poor show if you didn't get people who hankered for the old so you accept a bit of that, it's just hoping that people will let the past go and invest in what you're doing as they did with your predecessor. I think it takes a bit of time but you usually have a good idea after a few months.

As for this Matt Smith bloke, he's hit the ground running. I was bored of Tennant anyways.



Agree 100%
Lloydd said…
My preference is Ecclestone.

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