Dreaming my life away

18th April

I woke up this morning with an entirely original melody in my head this morning after dreaming that I'd gone to an exclusive Neil Young concert. He'd sang one of his new songs and I awoke with the tune still ringing in my ears. If I was a songwriter I'd have captured it and perhaps gone on to record it or something. Like Paul McCartney did with "Yesterday". However, I'm not, so I didn't.

Looking back over this expansive blog I found a very odd entry about a dream I no longer fully remember where my girlfriend caught VD off obscure historical figure Benjamin Disraeli.

Some dreams stick in your head for years afterward, others not so much. I do recall once dreaming that my bedroom was haunted by a ghost which liked twirling my swivel chair. That sounds like a euphamism but it really isn't.

I also once dreamed I was being strangled by a deformed midget version of a close family member once. That was a bit intense.



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